Happy Birthday Momma! (A shout-out to my mom)

It’s my mom’s 56th birthday today!! She has been married for 38 years, has had 8 children naturally (5 at home and 3 at a birthing clinic). She worked as a Licensed Midwife on and off for 10 years. She currently has 15 grandchildren (we’re waiting to see who gets pregnant next;)), and lives just a few hours from me! 😀

If you are wondering what makes her so special, since she’s not your mom, let me explain-

There are some girls that feel every woman should make sure to accomplish her dreams and goals and have things they are doing, because someday those kids they’re raising are going to be gone. That’s awesome in and of itself, but some of them also feel that being a wife and a mother are great things, but just not enough. Think about that. You’re raising the next generation of Christ-followers and giving your heart and flesh to your husband, but that’s not enough. What they don’t understand is that being a wife and a mother is not a part of your life or some side thing you do when you’re not too busy trying to build your career. Your career is the thing on the side. You may love it, but it doesn’t take 1st priority.

Let me clarify- it’s not that you can’t work or have dreams or do anything besides be a wife and a mother. By all means, Proverbs 31 talks about a virtuous woman working hard for her household. What I’m getting at is that everything else stops being as important as taking care of your family. They take the priority in your life, just like the Lord puts his Bride as a priority. Your dreams, your wants and desires- they are not as important as the world wants us to believe they are. In God’s Kingdom, you put Him and others before yourself.

Here’s where my mom comes in 🙂

Who is my mother? Well, depending on who you asked, you might get some different answers. To my dad she is his one and only. The person he walks through life hand in hand with. To her friends from the CMA, she’s one of the coolest (and one of the classiest I might add!) biker babes around. To the countless people she and my dad have welcomed into their home for indefinite periods of time, she is a counselor and a listening ear, without judgement or gossip- simply wisdom. To my friends, she was a cool mom and someone they had fun with. To me and my siblings, she is and has always been the true definition of a mother. She was there EVERY DAY teaching us, disciplining us, loving us, in the best imperfect way she could. She put my dad as her top priority, second only to God, and us kids were the very next priority to her. Even now, she continues the role of a mother in giving us support and counsel in our adult lives, and encouragement where we need it. She had her loves, her dreams, and her midwifery job, but all of that took second place to something she believed was much more important.

If you asked my mom who she was,  she’d probably sigh and say “a little mixed up, and I have no idea what’s going on or where I’m going half the time but the Lord is my strength and my rock” and then she’d laugh at herself and go ride her motorcycle. 🙂 She doesn’t put as much confidence in herself as I put in her. She’s amazing. She spent years…. YEARS I SAID, being pregnant, nursing and changing diapers. For every time I can recall a reason I didn’t like my childhood, I can recall many more reasons why I loved it and was so blessed to have the mom and dad I did. They put in the work. They loved at all times, not just when it was convenient, whether that love looked like a swat in the rear, or an ice cream at Baskin Robbins. 🙂

The years have come and go, and my mom is still there for me, just further away then when I was a kid, and I don’t know how she did it, but I know I was blessed with a strong, loving, intelligent, and forgiving mom. She handles hurtful circumstances with grace and mercy, and I’ve never seen the past keep her heart from continuing to love. She dresses like a lady, but she’s no wallflower when it comes to fun! There are so many reasons why I love her, I absolutely could not fit it into one blog post 🙂

She truly is the most incredible woman I know. Her children, just like in Proverbs 31, rise up and praise her saying, many women have done virtuously but you outdid them all.

*The years have only increased your beauty Momma, and your beauty goes deep to your soul. I love you with all my heart, and now knowing only a fraction of what you gave for us kids, I am so extremely grateful for every day you courageously kept walking on in faith<3 Happy birthday! 🙂 *




Beyond The Surface

I’ve found myself conflicted these days concerning my life. I love being a mother, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. But as always, we as people are rarely content with simply being who we were called to be, and I’m no different.

We look to others who have fulfilled our own secret dreams, and envy their success instead of appreciating our own. There are so many different ways to reflect on who we are, and I’m afraid it’s much easier to look at ourselves and see our problems and our negative traits than to see the wonderful person God has designed.

Where we’ve failed, what we don’t look like, or all that we aren’t as a person, mocks us and reminds us that we will never be good enough.

Do you remember a time when you felt bold? Do you remember feeling like there was nothing you couldn’t accomplish? Like everything that was holding you back from life got defeated?

That was probably a time when you weren’t focusing on what everyone was wearing, doing, or acting like. You were trusting in God, and using the talents and skills He gave you.


Can I be honest? I see many women in their late teens to mid-twenties traveling to beautiful countries, building an elaborate wardrobe, and getting that fit and (annoying but impressively) toned body they want, and I get jealous. The Instagram perfection of it makes me so crazy! 🙂

I see women posting pictures undressed, dressed skimpy, or just posing in ways that every other woman knows is just to get compliments, approval, and “likes”. I wonder if anyone has ever told them they don’t have to give their body away on camera just to feel loved. If they haven’t, I’ll say it right now- Don’t give yourself away just for a few boys to ooh and ah over you. It’s not worth it. Remember how the Lord would want his bride to be, and act accordingly. He loves you and you don’t need other people to prove your worth. The Lord proved it when He gave His life for you and made you priceless.

I got off topic a little but the point is these pictures can be pretty intimidating… I know I shouldn’t get envious, but I’m just being honest, it’s happened. I don’t think that every woman who posts a photo of herself in shorts or a bikini is just trying to get people to tell her how good she looks, but as a 21 year old mom who no longer has perfect skin, and who has NEVER had the perfect body, sometimes jealousy gets the better of me. That’s a wrong attitude to have and I’m sorry. I know that’s stupid, because I chose the two things that I wanted in life, which was to be a wife and a mother! I don’t regret that choice; I’m thankful every day! But like I said above, people are rarely content being who God has called them to be without asking for something else…something that they see someone else has.

The reason I’m writing this post is because I bet I’m not alone. Man or woman, young or old, I bet you feel the same sometimes. You see a man that doesn’t have to fight so hard to provide for his family, or you see a person that is healthier than you and able to do things you’re not. It doesn’t feel fair, and you want that too! Well I’ve just learned recently that all that glitters is not gold. Took me long enough, right? 😉

You see, if I let buying all the perfect clothes, or achieving “success” (whatever that is), or being the best (at least the best superficial) me I can be, cloud my thoughts and my schedule, then I would focus less on my family and who they need me to be. I wouldn’t be spending my life on the Lord, I’d be spending it on the world and on things that won’t last, and that’s not what I want at all. I’m trying to remember that Christians lay down their WHOLE life for the Lord, and so whatever we do whether it’s taking care of a baby, or traveling the world, or running a business, our focus has to be on Jesus, or it’s all for nothing. That’s why the Bible says “WHATEVER you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.

HEAR ME OUT! I’m not saying that if you have a six pack or you got your Master’s Degree, you’ve turned away from the Lord 🙂 I PROMISE I’m not! What I am saying is that if you’re doing those things just to get to where and who you think you should be, you’ll never fulfill your calling. If we don’t ask the Lord where He wants us to go and what He wants us to do, and obey Him when he tells us, we won’t achieve anything of much importance.

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of being jealous of something I don’t even really want. I LOVE Jesus. I LOVE my family. I LIKE to have nice clothes, to succeed at what I do, and feel super good about how I look. But I don’t ever need that to become my obsession or my goal. My goal is to please my Father in heaven. If those things happen along the way, that’s amazing, but He will always come first. I challenge you all just like I’m challenging myself to remember that the Lord looks on the heart of a person, not their outward appearance, and what defiles a man is what comes out of his heart. So, while you’re working on your outward accomplishments, be sure that your focus is on letting the Lord make you into HIS idea of success, and HIS idea of beauty. One last thing-


And if we are clothed with humility, and the law of kindness is in our mouths, we are already starting to look the way God wants us to. That’s what I need. A little less envy, and a little more humility. That’s beautiful.

A Letter To My Pre-Mom Self

Dear Waiting To Become A Mom,

Don’t worry. It’s everything you ever hoped for. It’s hard and you have to learn to be patient, but it’s all you wanted and more. It’s not magical, at least not right now, but when she laughs at something you say or do, it’s like suddenly all the pain and process is all worth it, and for the weirdest reasons 🙂
Motherhood is beautiful, but not because of the reasons most people give, and you will LOVE it.

There will be moments where you’ll cry in your husband’s arms because you just want to be able to wear something pretty without it getting puked all over (haha- no seriously), and there will be moments where you feel the best you’ve ever felt, with your little growing family beside you, but those moments don’t always feel beautiful or special. Mostly (as your smart husband puts it), it just feels like responsibility. But that’s OK! 🙂 There are moments that will keep you going and you will start to see more and more of the blessing she really is, but for right now it is a lot of responsibility, and that’s alright.

Don’t feel pressured, you will find your way, through every obstacle and every hard day, because you were born for this. To give glory to God, through every aspect of your life.

Give everyone you see grace, because just like they have no idea what’s really going on in your life, you have no idea what’s going on in theirs. Especially when it comes to parenting.

I don’t have much else to say, because it really is as simple as to just trust The Lord, and He will lead you. He’s always faithful, in every thing.

Kiss JD super passionately for me (for old time’s sake ;)), and thank Momma and Daddy for every single time they chose to take care of you and love you at all times, not just when it was convenient to. You’ll do great! Love, your spit-up covered future self 😀

7 Things You’re Not Supposed To Say About Being Pregnant (but I will anyway)

1. If you’re sick, it’s not that wonderful. Yes, children are wonderful. To get to children, you have to be pregnant. That doesn’t mean you have to enjoy every moment of pregnancy, and if you are sick for a good portion of the time it’s hard to. Just picture being sick as a dog for months at a time and suddenly what I’m saying doesn’t sound so horrible, does it? Now that being said, there are great parts of pregnancy! You can find out the gender, or be completely surprised. You get to pick out names, and ooh and ah over tiny baby clothes, but just so we’re clear: you’re completely normal if you don’t enjoy being pregnant EVEN if you wanted to GET pregnant. 2. You DON’T have to turn into a lunatic. I understand that your hormones change during pregnancy like beyond how they have ever changed. That doesn’t mean that when you snap at your husband, you can blow it off because your pregnant. It doesn’t mean that you can fake desperate cravings to take advantage of your husband’s willingness to be sweet. **I am not saying that cravings are fake, or that we won’t mess up, but simply that (like all times before) when we are rude to someone we should apologize without excuses** 3. People will be extremely stupid with their comments and touching. Basically you can be like me and be annoyed and furious behind closed doors for several months, lash out at them in public, or pretend you don’t notice. Here’s the thing…..it’s not right- how they talk about your body, touch your body, and ask you private things that are none of their business and have never been their business. I understand how you feel, and I’m sorry. Unfortunately what we have to do is rise above nonsense and kindly explain to them how we feel (or when it’s inappropriate to say something, just grin and bear it). To you who are not pregnant, please don’t say things that can hurt. Think about whether or not you would like to be reminded daily how big you’re getting (regardless of the reason), and instead just tell your pregnant friends that they are looking great and how excited you are for them! That’s really all you need to say 🙂 4. The little moments get you through the 9 months. Those sweet moments like when your husband tells you “pregnant or not, you’re still the most gorgeous woman in the room”, or when you see that first ultrasound and know for sure that you really have a little human growing inside you. Those nine months sure are difficult, but those sweet sweet moments…well they taught me more than I’ve learned in years. 5. Don’t worry too much about all those food regulations. I’m not your doctor so I’m not giving medical advice, but I am giving some advice so you don’t panic about soft cheese. I’m pretty sure I had every single food you’re not supposed to eat while pregnant, and just so we’re clear on the amount of sushi I had, I’m pretty sure I had sushi EVERY week while pregnant. Now, I understand that there are certain dangers to certain foods which is why I wasn’t stupid about it. I paid attention to my body and my baby. If I felt something was affecting her or myself badly, I stopped eating it. I’m not advocating that you go out right now and eat or drink everything that isn’t recommended. All I’m saying is to trust your body and use common sense. If it’s going to cause you stress (and your baby stress indirectly) every time you eat sushi, don’t do it, but if it’s causing you stress every time you research whether you can have deli meat or not (because that is one of the forbidden foods!), then don’t worry and have a stupid sandwich. All I’m really saying is listen to your midwife or doctor, but TRUST your body as well. 6. You don’t have to worry about it all. I get it. There’s ten million things to worry about while you’re pregnant. It’s tough not to be scared you’re going to do something wrong, but I realized very early into my pregnancy that if I did everything “right” and didn’t eat deli meat or soft cheese, or did everything “wrong” and drank a glass of wine every night (I didn’t, just so you know), something could happen either way, and I couldn’t even protect my own child in my own womb. I could do things for precaution sure, but no matter what I did, that baby was either in the Lord’s hands or she wasn’t. If you want to have a pregnancy without worry, put your trust in the Lord. Don’t live even 9 months of your life afraid to turn around the next corner. 7. If you’re the woman who just LOVED being pregnant, or HATED being pregnant, consider yourself blessed. Women who loved pregnancy love their children. Women who hated pregnancy love their children. That’s all there is to it. Don’t make anyone feel bad for either one. I encourage all of us to have understanding and grace for each other. If you loved your pregnancy, hated it, or just kind of rode the middle (that’s me!), you will all see the end of that nine months one way or another! I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while- motherhood has been taking up most of my life 🙂 But I will try to be more consistent. I know this post was not as fun-spirited as some of my articles, but I have wanted to write about this almost since I became pregnant. If you have any opinions on what I wrote, please comment below! I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences!

5 Things To Keep In Mind When You’re Losing Your Mind

292026_276935619074442_844073228_n1. Whatever you’re facing won’t last forever, and at the end you may even appreciate what you’ve gone through!


2. We all lose our minds sometimes;) don’t feel like you’re the only crazy one in the bunch.


3. Don’t run away from your problems- take authority over them in Jesus’ name, and then have someone help you find the solution, whether it’s just as simple as organization or as tough as getting someone/something out of your life.


4. Never make an important decision on a rough day when you’re only basing things off negative emotions.


5. No matter how bad you’re feeling, there’s probably a friend you have that needs you. Talk to them and encourage them in whatever they are doing- you will probably find yourself feeling better:)